An inspirational guide and intuitive healer with over 25 years of experience.

Dr Shabir Pandor integrates his unique healing ability to empower all people to fulfill their true potential in happiness, well-being and health. 


My Story

Born and raised in Zambia, I arrived in the UK at the age of 14 to study at boarding school followed by university. After qualifying as a dentist, and having been in practice for a few years, I started having terrible pain in my left thumb. I had this pain investigated and was told by the consultants that it was work related inflammation. Their only suggestion was steroid injections in the wrist to alleviate the pain for upto a year at the most. Having taken their advice, the pain disappeared but unfortunately came back a year later. This time, instead of more steroids I decided to try acupuncture. Despite coming from a scientific background and my resistance to alternative therapies, I decided to be open to new ideas. What intrigued me was that they used acupuncture needles in both my hands when the pain was only on the left hand. To my amazement the pain disappeared after four sessions and to this day I have been free from the pain in my thumb.

This raised my curiosity as to why and how this could have happened. It led me to a path of studying acupuncture, homeopathy, and many other alternative or complimentary therapies. This path allowed me to understand the connections between meridians, organs, emotions and the teeth. Over the years I have studied many modalities and realised my own innate healing abilities, which I have carried forward to the present day in my work as an intuitive healer.

I believe that this journey has evolved into my understanding of looking at each individual as a whole… in mind, body, spirit and soul. I share my knowledge by teaching internationally to all health care practitioners and hold regular workshops. My work as a healer now focuses on clearing energy blockages at all levels, from deep subconscious to the physical, by integrating a variety of therapies with the aim of empowering you to heal yourself.


Having trained extensively over the last 25 years, Dr Shabir Pandor believes that looking at the whole body and empowering you to help yourself is key. 

With an integrated approach to healing, a variety of holistic methods are used such as:

Biophoton Mirrors
Intuitive Healing 
Vibrational Medicine


"Our negative emotions are caused by a disruption in the body's energy system"

Dr Shabir Pandor believes that the well-being of each patient is paramount. Your treatment is tailored to your own needs and can vary from session to session. New patients start with a brief consultation to determine what their individual needs are and then the session begins with a highly-intuitive ‘energetic’ body scan. Then the focus is more on the specific areas that require healing, using an integrated and non-invasive approach.

Afterwards, patients have confirmed that their pain or symptoms are alleviated or totally eradicated; that they feel deeply relaxed, their immunity is enhanced, their sleep patterns improve and that they have less need for pain medication or even surgery. Overall, patients experience a greater improvement in their health and well-being, they feel calmer, more confident, less anxious and much more grounded, and they experience much quicker healing recovery times.

Dr Shabir Pandor has a respectful and down-to-earth approach to his work, plus a genuine love for humanity.


Dr Shabir Pandor is well-known international lecturer, who also holds regular events in London. 

All events are open to both practitioners and anyone interested in holistic health & wellbeing. 


RESET TMJ is fundamental in dealing with STRESS, Flight/fright response, Digestion, Breathing, Acid/Alkaline balance and Dehydration.

‘A simple non invasive system of relaxing jaw muscles enabling the Temporomandibular joint to reset’

  • Relax jaw muscles in 45 minutes.
  • Learn RESET in only 3 hours.
  • Use on yourself, family or clients.

RESET is a simple TMJ correction procedure to learn and perform, and is non-invasive and relaxing for the client /or yourself.

Over 80% of the electrical messages from the brain to the muscles and back to the brain are affected by the TMJ. By relaxing the jaw muscles, the Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is correctly reset. The corrections in RESET are extremely powerful in their access to, and rebalancing of, the TMJ system.

Learn WHY, WHAT and WHEN to do RESET and make a positive change in your well-being. 




Combining two techniques, Light Kinesiology and Biophoton Mirrors, this workshop teaches a new dimension of healing. Working on the whole body, healing light is the key to these techniques.

  • Learn HOW, WHEN & WHY to use Biophoton Mirrors
  • Become confident in testing for imbalances & stresses in the body
  • Use on both yourself & clients
  • Practice both techniques together with the founders

Biophoton Realignment Mirror Technique ensures that your body receives a clean ‘update’ from its own emanating light. The body’s light is reflected back through a filter and mirror system. This means that cellular reactions are instantaneously being ‘re-informed’ and so, in a ‘domino-like’ effect, cellular functionality is restored and starts to function as it is meant to.

Light kinesiology works alongside biophoton re-alignment mirrors as a method of muscle testing and finding stresses within the body using specific points. Being able to reduce the stress in the body this provides you with significantly more energy for self-regulation, and a positive effect on the state of health, both mental and physical.

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